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Sunday, August 31, 2003

Hummingbirds are Here.

they showed up in our yard about a week ago. they had probably been visiting the neighbor's yard earlier, but we don't yet have enough hummingbird attracting plants in our yard.

now that i've filled and hung the feeder, one male ruby throated hummingbird has declared it his property, perching nearby and rudely chasing off any interlopers lest they consume too much of his sugar water.

if those silly birds didn't chase each other around so much, they wouldn't need so much sugar!

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Are hummingbirds just now starting to be seen in your area, or do you have them all the time? We have them in Seattle and I was wondering today if they've migrated away yet. I went to an arboretum where I often see them and didn't see any today. One of our neighbors, though, is an expert gardener and says he has a pair of hummingbirds all year!

Posted by: Fran | Sep 5, 2003 4:27:17 PM

there are apparently a small number of hummingbirds that stay in houston year-round, but we see large numbers in the spring and fall as they pass through houston. the fall migration is now; they'll be here for a month or so, then the numbers will taper off except for the handful that are too lazy to keep going south.

Posted by: erica | Sep 7, 2003 11:07:33 PM

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