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Sunday, August 24, 2003

Little Green Lies.

(catching up on the nytimes home & garden section) -- this article addresses the "tales told by gardeners who do no work".

skip about two-thirds of the way down to get to the bit that describes how to recognize the "lying gardeners" -- they're the ones with cheap tools (or clean, expensive tools), perfect manicures and the ability to walk past a weed without pulling it.

i confess, i have an assortment of cheap tools, but my hands are a wreck and i often get sidetracked for 30 minutes at a time pulling weeds when i only meant to go pick some basil.

the best looking yards / gardens around us are most definitely maintained by the owners themselves -- i see them at it year-round. while i would certainly not turn down the services of a professional landscape designer (assuming i liked their work), darin and i both feel an awful lot of pride in planning and doing things ourselves. and i find gardening therapeutic, too.

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"The ability to walk past a weed without pulling it"

Yeah. I pull weeds everywhere. In the nursery, even, I will be surreptitiously yanking weeds out of the perennial pots. Friends gardens, unweeded civic gardens, everywhere.

Drives my SO nuts.
I must weed, therefore I must be a gardener. Does that follow?

Posted by: jenn | Aug 26, 2003 12:58:48 PM