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Saturday, August 23, 2003

Pruning Tomatoes.

i almost have the "matt's wild cherry" tomato pruned back to a manageable size.

the "sweet million" was already reasonably well-behaved (i.e. not sprawling all over the place) due to the brutal cutting i subjected it to earlier this summer.

my intent is to remove much of the old growth to get the plants in shape for the fall growing season. but they keep growing as fast as i cut them; at least i know they're still healthy.

i'd say my pruning method is something of a modified "missouri method," but i didn't realize that's what i'd been doing until i started searching for tomato pruning advice.

texas gardener magazine has more on fall gardening (and fall tomatoes).

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I've been growing them for YEARS and I'm getting conflicting views on the net.
Can you tell me if you're supposed to pinch off the sucker (where a leafy branch is) or the leafy branch just under the sucker?

Posted by: Mark | Jun 16, 2005 5:24:11 PM