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Monday, October 13, 2003

Ballerina Rose.

way back when we started clearing the previous owners' beds out we discovered two miniature roses buried by the side fence. they had been engulfed by asian jasmine and were beneath various and sundry trees. eventually one of them succumbed to lack of sunlight; the other limped along but never really thrived.

after at least two years of neglect by us, darin finally took pity on the poor plant (it was also in the way when he wanted to take out the late mulberry tree). he dug it up and relocated it in a nice, sunny spot behind the garage. in the process of digging, he found a tag identifying the mystery rose as a "ballerina".

at the time of relocation the poor thing had fewer than a dozen leaves remaining. it promptly dropped all but three or four. i honestly did not expect it to survive.

the removal and relocation took place within the last six weeks. today our ballerina is covered in new leaves and has several new canes. i'm not sure whether it will bloom this year, but even if it doesn't it has made a remarkable recovery.

now i just need to identify the mystery rose in the driveway bed. it has a lone flower right now; i guess i'll just have to start looking at pictures.

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Can anyone tell me where I can buy Ballerina rose in the US?

Posted by: esligon | May 29, 2004 6:45:18 PM

Parkview Nursery in Riverside, CA - at least that is where I got mine. Beautiful little rose.

Posted by: Sue | Aug 21, 2007 11:22:30 AM