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Thursday, October 23, 2003

Crocus Question.

after being so excited about finding the crocus sativus sprouting, i pulled out my Garden Bulbs for the South to read up on them again. to quote some relevant bits:

The blooms appear sporadically from the end of October through November, depending on weather.

After flowering, these crocuses send up long, grassy foliage.

after flowering?!? i have foliage, and it's very definitely crocus foliage, but no sign of flowers.

could these be another variety of fall blooming crocus? (in which case i'd be very disappointed and try to get a refund.) according to ogden there are a handful of other fall blooming crocus suitable for southern climes. but the whole purpose of having the crocus sativus is to have saffron.

or perhaps i do have crocus sativus after all and they are just confused about the order of foliage and blooms?

or maybe they just aren't going to bloom for whatever reason? (although they do seem otherwise well-suited to the location.)

i just posted a query to the gardenweb bulbs forum, so perhaps someone there can answer my questions.

at any rate, please feel free to leave advice, suggestions or educated guesses in the comments.

by the way, i located the other two "originals," so i'm six for six. and the total count of sprouts is up to 17.

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With some of my bulbs, for instance the lycoris and especially the amaryllis, both of which produce foliage after blooming, I often have cases where there is no bloom, only foliage. I have found that this is more likely to happen the first season after planting. I am wondering if that is what is happening with your crocus.

Don't you like the way Scott Ogden writes?

Posted by: bill | Oct 23, 2003 9:13:27 PM

My Crocus speciosus just started to bloom. Like the other fall-flowering bulbs I have (oxblood lilies and red spider lilies), they flower before the leaves come up. If the leaves come up first, I don't expect flowers. Maybe they need a little bulb food or water to make large enough bulbs to flower next year.

The 100 crocuses I planted 8 years ago are now down to 5. I don't know if they wasted away in heat or drought, or if the squirrels ate them. I know squirrels are reputed to love spring crocuses. And I have lots of squirrels!

Posted by: M Sinclair Stevens | Nov 11, 2003 9:20:01 AM

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