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Monday, October 20, 2003

Happy Surprise.

this afternoon i was raking the leaves in the front yard and noticed some distinctive foliage around the base of the sycamore. no, not poison ivy.

it was one of the crocus sativus i ordered last october and planted in november.

these bulbs had sprouted and put out foliage in late november, but didn't bloom -- not unexpected since they were planted so late.

at any rate, closer inspection revealed that at least four of the original six bulbs had returned. not only that, they have multiplied! there are twelve sprouts in evidence.

it is entirely possible that the other two originals may yet appear. after all, for the last month or so i've been checking the planting site at least once a week, but i now know that i've been looking about two feet from the actual site.

now i must refrain from hovering over the site looking for flowers. i will, however, cross my fingers and hope for them.

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