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Monday, October 13, 2003

New Plants.

i stopped at my favorite nursery this afternoon to "just look" and came home with six (small) new plants:

  • multiplying onion (allium cepa)
  • goodwin creek grey lavender (lavandula dentata x l. lanata)
  • fern leaf lavender (lavandula multifida)
  • horehound (marrubium vulgare)
  • ne'we ya'ar sage / silverleaf sage (salvia officinalis x s. fruticosa)
  • salad burnett (sanguisorba minor)

i picked up the sage because i've been meaning to get a culinary sage (as opposed to all the ornamental sages i've been collecting) for some time and today i finally remembered to look in the herb section for the sage. i came across an excellent page for this particular cultivar while searching for information online -- wonder of all wonders, the information is specific to houston! i've linked to the South Texas Unit of The Herb Society of America before -- it is an excellent resource for gulf coast gardeners.

the multiplying onion is for darin; he's been asking for onions / garlic / shallots and that sort of thing for his cooking. (he was indeed very appreciative when he came home and i told him we now have onion-y things.)

the salad burnett is to add more interest to the salads we will be eating from all the lettuce and spinach i planted. as advertised, it tastes like cucumber.

the two lavenders i bought are supposedly somewhat tolerant of our humidity. and they are very attractive; the fern leaf is currently blooming. the goodwin creek gardens website (the same goodwin creek for which the goodwin creek grey lavender is named) has a lot of information on lavenders.

and the horehound, well it has a funny name and the leaves have a very interesting, crinkley texture.

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I have had rotten luck with garlic and onions. I think I am cursed.

Posted by: Laurence Simon | Oct 15, 2003 9:09:02 AM

we haven't had any luck keeping "volunteer" garlic alive (by volunteer i mean it started sprouting before we used it), but then i never really put any effort into it beyond sticking them in the dirt.

for $1.99 + tax i'll see what happens with the multiplying onion; i think there are actually two in the pot.

Posted by: erica | Oct 15, 2003 3:27:04 PM

I've tried three or four different lavenders and they've all fallen to summer humidity or winter cold here in Austin, except for Goodwin Creek Grey. It's just amazing. And it's very easy to propagate. Just take some semi-hardwood cutting when you're pruning it, strip the lower leaves, stick it in the garden and keep it watered for a few weeks. Soon the cuttings will root and you'll have new plants.

Posted by: M Stevens | Oct 17, 2003 11:52:43 PM

i'm very happy to hear about the goodwin creek grey success. i think (ok, i know) i did a better job preparing the sites for these new lavenders, and i've learned a lot from the sweet lavender, which is still clinging to life.

Posted by: erica | Oct 19, 2003 11:50:00 AM