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Wednesday, October 15, 2003

Pea Gravel.

while i was browsing the nursery on monday i asked an employee about my ailing sweet lavender. she agreed with my idea that the problem was wet roots. she then suggested using pea gravel in the bed and even mulching around the lavender with the gravel.

i bought a bag of pea gravel today -- small bag, but it was heavy. i had a multitude of other things to do, so i only had time to plant one of my new lavenders -- the goodwin creek grey. i did, however, mix gravel in the soil below and around the plant.

i haven't done anything else with the sweet lavender, but it's condition seems to be stable.

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my problem is flooding in my back yard after a hard rain. It will take the water 3 days to dry up. I was thinking about bringing in some pea gravel and then put some patio block on top of that to make it look a bit more decorative. What is your thought on that

Posted by: judy swartz | Aug 1, 2005 2:05:18 PM