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Wednesday, October 01, 2003

September Flowers.

  • asclepias tuberosa (butterfly weed)
  • basil
  • crinum
  • cuphea
    • c. hyssopifolia (mexican heather)
    • c. llavea (bat-faced cuphea)
  • gardenia
  • gelsemium sempervirens (carolina jessamine)
  • hibiscus
  • justicia spicigera
  • lagerstroemia indica (crepe myrtle)
  • lantana camara - "new gold," "radiation," "raspberry," "silver mound"
  • liriope muscari
  • origanum vulgare (greek oregano)
  • pentas lanceolata
  • peppers - banana, bell, poblano, serrano
  • plumbago auriculata
  • rivina humilis (pigeonberry)
  • rhodophiala bifida (oxblood lily)
  • salvia
    • s. farinacea
    • s. sinaloensis
  • tomatoes - "matt's wild cherry" and "sweet million"
  • zephyranthes
    • z. candida
    • z. grandiflora(?) (pink rain lily)

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I have a question... I Live in Tucson, AZ and I am tired of my front walk way looking so bare
what type of Flowers should I plant ????? i love rose bushes ...there
is no shade in my front yard . the flowers would get direct sunlight after 1:00P.M...

Posted by: Debra | Aug 30, 2006 2:09:30 PM