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Thursday, October 02, 2003

What a Difference a Week Makes.

[i meant to post this monday but i've been sick. much better now.]

on sunday darin and i returned from a week-long vacation with various members of my family. when we left houston september 21, high temperatures had been in the mid-80s, lows in the low-70s. we returned to high temperatures in the low-80s and lows in the (gasp!) 50s. and beautifully clear blue skies.

it's not every year that houstonians get to experience a "real" fall. usually it seems we go directly from searing summer heat (combined with sauna-like humidity) to the cool, overcast, wet days that pass for winter here on the upper gulf coast. sure, there are some scattered "fall" days with pleasant daytime temperatures, crisp evenings and clear skies, but seldom do we get a whole week of them strung together.

if we're really lucky the trees and perennials will treat us to some decent fall color instead of just turning brown and looking dead.

all the plants appear to have thrived in our absence. the tomatoes -- the volunteers as well as the spring plants -- are intent on taking over the world. or at least our backyard. in addition to growing madly, there are also oodles of flowers and green tomatoes with a few red ones starting to appear.

the serrano peppers and the bell peppers (i gave up on the banana peppers before we left last week and yanked them out) have also rebounded nicely. the serrano plants are rewarding us with more than we can possibly use and while the bell peppers are much more restrained, there are several peppers in various stages of development.

evidence in the form of dried up flowers indicates that the larger gardenia bush put on a very nice display in our absence. harrumph. i should have asked the cat sitter to take pictures of any attractive events. and i should have predicted that one based on the number of buds when we left.

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How sweet of you to visit and leave a comment on "our swiss garden". As you might have noticed I am the geeky guy and my wife is the true spirit (ie does most of the work) in the garden. We do however discuss things on a daily basis and all of the plans are our own! I will develop on this in the blog as you have given me an idea! I look forward to following the development of your garden too! Hugs Wyn.

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