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Thursday, November 27, 2003

Brilliant Post, Forgotten.

i hate it when i compose a brilliant post in my head while away from the computer and then forget absolutely everything when i'm ready to type. including the subject of said brilliant post.

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maybe this is the brilliant post itself?

seriously, that has happened to me too. for me it eventually comes back. except it usually turns out not to be so brilliant. except when it was a dream and then i can never remember it.

Posted by: bill | Nov 27, 2003 7:09:25 PM

oh, no. it truly was a brilliant post. some long rambling about some plant / garden / nature subject near and dear to my heart. but obviously not that near and dear.

Posted by: erica | Nov 29, 2003 5:51:33 PM

At least equally annoying is when you type up a brilliant post in your blog software, proofread it, get it just right and then forget that you didn't post it and close your browser - releasing the little digital ones and zeroes into the stratosphere forever.


Posted by: UncleBob | Dec 1, 2003 12:14:22 PM