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Monday, November 10, 2003

Fall Edibles.

as noted in an earlier post, i sowed various cool-weather edibles on october 2nd.

the black-seeded simpson lettuce is growing very nicely. almost large enough to start using the thinnings as "baby greens". the giant caesar is also coming along, but not nearly so quickly.

cilantro seedlings are most like the black-seeded simpson in terms of high germination and vigorous growth. we shall be flavoring winter meals with lots of cilantro.

the spinach, on the other hand, is very disappointing. i suspect the fact that only two seeds sprouted (out of a bunch) is due to my very poor storage method -- rolling over the top of the seed packet and depositing on shelf in garage.

we have more serrano peppers than any household needs. the bell peppers are also doing well. and i wrote about the poblanos yesterday.

tomato plants are still going strong -- lots of growth (too much), still blooming and setting fruit reasonably well.

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