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Wednesday, December 10, 2003

Back to the Bulbs.

in my eagerness to recount this morning's tale of doggy misbehaviour, i forgot to report how many narcissus i actually found. so, here it is, along with a couple of other bulb counts:

further update on the crocus: foliage is still present, but none of the crocus showed any sign of blooming. when the foliage starts showing signs of deterioration i'm planning to dig up about 1/3 of the bulbs for relocation, burying them deeper than i did the first time around.

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I must say that this is quite nice. It is great to find a resource like yours! Nice format, beautiful pictures, nice colors. I have a blog, but mine pales in comparison to yours. If you get a moment, stop by at www.geocities.com/orchidophile2003 and say hi. I don't have any pics...yet.


Posted by: Valencia | Dec 14, 2003 12:35:29 PM