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Thursday, January 01, 2004

March Mart 2004.

mark your 2004 calendars now -- mercer arboretum's annual march mart sale is scheduled for friday and saturday, march 26 and 27.

i went last year and bought a bucketload of new plants. most of them are even still alive.


  • coreopsis grandiflora, not only still alive, but it has multiplied. it didn't bloom last year, but i'm willing to bet it will this year.
  • laurus nobilis, taller than it was last year and apparently happy. it's spending the winter in a pot in the garage.
  • penstemon tenuis, bloomed lightly after being planted and i let them set seed. the plants also made a few offsets, so i am hopeful there will be more this year.
  • phlox divaricata var. laphamii, didn't bloom, but seems to have increased slightly.
  • salvia greggii, bloomed briefly, but didn't grow much, either due to location or just having been planted at a less than ideal time (i.e., after it started getting hot and dry and i have a bad habit of not watering new plants).
  • salvia urtica, bloomed a few times and grew a lot.
  • thymus serphyllum, thriving. it has grown enough that i've taken cuttings and moved them around the yard.


  • stipa tenuissima, dead. i left it in the pot on the deck and never watered it.
  • thymus x citriodorus, struggled mightily, but finally succumbed. possibly poor location, but the nearby thymus serphyllum has thrived.

jury still out:

  • gladiolus byzantinus, bloomed a few weeks after i got it. after the foliage died back i dug up the corms, which seemed to have increased in number. i have since potted them and wait to see what will happen.

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I kill a much higher percentage of my plants than you do - usually for the same reasons. I forget that new plants need to be watered, or I don't put them in the ground soon enough.

salvia greggii is one of my very favorite plants and I have six different colors of it. It has long bloom periods in both spring and fall. Maybe it just wasn't well enough established for you yet.

I have never been to the Mercer. I lived in Houston for quite a few years and don't recall it. It must be fairly new.

Posted by: bill hopkins | Jan 1, 2004 4:37:06 PM

Happy New Year!

Posted by: Valencia | Jan 1, 2004 5:48:18 PM

(finally getting around to comment responses...)


the salvia greggii has, in just the past week, started putting out new growth so i'm feeling more encouraged.

mercer's march mart has been around for quite a while -- this year is the 30th. but i don't think it's too widely known outside the "serious gardener" circle, and the arboretum is much closer to spring than downtown houston.

Posted by: erica | Jan 14, 2004 5:52:40 PM