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Thursday, February 26, 2004

Ipheion uniflorum "Wisley Blue".

images/i_uniflorum_20040226the wisley blues that were just starting to bloom nine days ago are gradually increasing in number.

the flowers are not large, but they close at night (and on overcast, rainy days) and reopen for three or four days. i haven't tried cutting any to bring inside, so i don't know how well they hold up. i'm torn between leaving them to try for the flower-carpet effect and satisfying my curiousity about their vase viability.

update: i decided to go ahead and cut some to put in water. i'll try to note how long they last. the erlicheers i brought in yesterday remain beautiful.

i'm also trying to remember to note how flowers smell. the wisley blues have a delicate scent similar to green tea.

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