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Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Narcissus "Erlicheer".

images/n_erlicheer_20040225the narcissus "erlicheer" by the front door started blooming late last week. unfortunately, the recent rains have beaten down the scapes. i think part of the problem is that they are top heavy -- the scapes are relatively long and have multiple flowers, anywhere from six to twelve per scape.

since the poor things were pretty much lying flat on the ground i went ahead and cut them to bring inside. and that led to an extended flower photo session. my digital camera is far from top-of-the-line and my photographic skills are far from great, so i had a tough time getting pictures that could do the erlicheers justice. and, of course, pictures can't convey the scent of the flowers. it is strong but not unpleasant -- sweet and citrusy, i would say. in the background is my lavandula multifida (fern leaf lavender).

last year the erlicheers bloomed a few weeks earlier, early-february rather than mid- / late-february.

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