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Sunday, April 03, 2005

'lectric Love.

we bought one of these today--a black & decker 18" electric LAWNHOG™ mulching mower.

for our first three and a half years of homeownership, we used a scotts classic reel mower. i loved the sound the reel mower made--a very therapeutic "snick, snick, snick." it was a quiet and non-smelly mower. but it really, really struggled with pine cones, twigs, anything non-grass that got caught in the blades inevitably jammed. it was incredibly frustrating to stop every other minute (so it seemed) to unjam the mower. and forget shredding pine needles or leaves. granted, the reel mower never claimed to do those things, but i sure was envious of mulching mowers.

so with a new mowing season upon us, we have a new mower. it (the mower) and i both got a thorough workout today mowing the front and back yards. it was louder than i expected, but everything else was just as advertised. a little bit of practice and i was quite adept at keeping the extension cord out of the way. it handled the as-yet unmown lawn just fine. and no nasty fumes.

now that all the weeds are chopped down, perhaps the poor st. augustine has a chance for sunlight.

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It's good to see you posting again. Wear earplugs when you use that thing. Once you lose your hearing you never get it back. You can get in-your-ear plugs for under $5 that no one can even see from a distance. You can spend a lot more money than that and get over-the-ear sound blockers that will also pipe in your favorite music. Just do it.

Posted by: Kathy | Apr 5, 2005 8:29:09 AM

And not to overdo it, but DO NOT operate it barefooted. I know it sounds like "DUH!" but like your hearing, you REALLY don't want to lose a toe or two.

Posted by: Phil | Apr 5, 2005 9:37:48 AM

Kathy, do my iPod earplugs count? I do need to upgrade to the in-ear type.

And, Phil, if for no other reason than to avoid stepping on hidden pine cones or dog poo, I do always wear shoes!

Posted by: erica | Apr 6, 2005 11:07:58 PM

I don't own an iPod, but I suspect not.I was thinking of something similar to these:

Posted by: Kathy | Apr 7, 2005 10:12:54 AM

we had an electric lawn-mower back in the 60's when I was a kid. I liked it better than the gas ones - it was quieter and easy to start. ours just had a toggle switch on the handle. but the extension cord was scary.

Posted by: bill | Aug 7, 2005 4:04:19 PM

I have a large yard. I worry the motor would overheat.

Posted by: Garden Supply | Sep 21, 2005 9:29:43 PM