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Thursday, April 13, 2006

This is not a Pregnancy/Baby Blog.

i promise. however, since i did just spend the last nine months pregnant, i'll briefly expound on the topic of gardening in that state.

in short, forget it. my first four months (mid-june through mid-september) coincided with the height of houston's summer. it's hard enough gardening without being perpetually exhausted and mildly nauseated; add stifling heat and humidity and just thinking about being outside was enough to send me to bed. thus nothing was accomplished outside last summer.

after about mid-september our weather generally becomes more pleasant, sometimes downright delightful. and i should have been experiencing that "second trimester" energy burst. cruel myth; didn't happen. i certainly felt a little better, but it was about all i could do to get through the day at work. by the time i came home i just wanted to sleep. and sleep was generally all i did on the weekends.

as usual, we had some wonderful early spring weather this year (say, late january and february), and i did want to get out and work in the yard, especially since it looked so dreadful. but add to the ongoing exhaustion an inability to bend over and breathe at the same time, and, well, no gardening for me.

despite my grumbling about not being able to garden, i really did have a relatively easy pregnancy. it's just that when you start adding a lot of weight--my weight gain was about 28% over my normal weight--in a relatively short period of time, and much of that weight is another little being trying to displace all your internal organs, it gets very hard and very uncomfortable to do much of anything. one of the first things i noticed after the sprout was born (besides the fact that she was absolutely adorable and not at all squinched up and wrinkly like some newborns) was that i could inhale again!

so now that the sprout has arrived, why haven't i done any gardening? she's four weeks old today, but, as with all infants (or so i'm told), she pretty much determines my schedule and my activities. and it comes down to feed the baby, change the baby's diaper, sleep with the baby, repeat. oh well, she'll be ready to help dig in the dirt (eat the dirt, more likely) soon enough.

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Let's hope she turns into a consistent napper. I learned to garden while my babies napped. Sometimes I would use one of those intercom thingies; sometimes I would put the little one in the shade nearby.

Posted by: Kathy | Apr 13, 2006 7:59:09 PM


Some day soon I think I'm going to haul her swing out into the shade and see how that works. But first I need to get some mosquito netting (or suitable substitute) and figure out the best way to keep our Texas-sized mosquitoes from carrying her off!

Posted by: erica | Apr 15, 2006 12:06:43 PM

I had an Eddie Bauer vibrating chair for Hailey and it even came with mosquito netting and soothing sounds. It was a godsend. I highly recommend!

Posted by: Jenny | Apr 24, 2006 6:31:27 PM