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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Yard Sprout.


this is about as close to gardening as i get these days--taking pictures of the baby outside. grass needs mowing (darin will do that), but it's remarkably green for late august. i think we've only watered twice this summer, and that was back in june.

to make this post at least a little about gardening, i'll note that among the background greenery, you can see a pineapple (far left), russelia equisetiformis (firecracker plant, orange flowers) and tecoma stans (yellow bells, woody plant on the right). all three are plants we've propagated ourselves. the pineapple from a grocery store pineapple top; the other two from cuttings.

in addition to being cheap/free, i'll also praise these plants for how well they've stood up to the extended period of neglect. i'd be happier with the yellow bells if it weren't so tall, but that's a minor complaint that's easily remedied. (note to self: ask darin to cut back the yellow bells this winter.)

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Looking Back.

i have little (read, no) time for gardening and blogging these days, but i did enjoy participating in Kathy Purdy's excellent (multipart!) garden blogging retrospective over at Cold Climate Gardening. she'll be publishing several more installments in the coming days--don't miss them!

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